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Prime and Top Coat:

X-Cel's production coating operations are defined by robotic application of primer, base and clear coats. Our power and free conveyor directed by a powered logic control moves parts through pre-defined processes. Constant monitoring and communication by our professional staff during processing provides the ability to change colors or coatings quickly and efficiently for a quick turn around and delivery of our customer's parts. When these features are combined with the ability to control oven temperature for high-bake or low-bake materials, we have the flexibility and efficiency to fulfill a wide range of requirements. Our company-wide professionalism and dedication to our customers' needs continues to be evidenced by our ability and desire to process large parts, short runs, and even prototypes with the same high degree of care, quality, and efficiency.

As with any coating process, the key to good results is proper surface preparation. At X-Cel we take the time needed to assure that, regardless of the substrate, our technicians understand the requirements of our customers before the parts reach the primer booth. Rigorous cleanroom discipline in our paint environment, critical final inspection, and finesse assure a defect-free product. The result is that Class "A" surfaces will meet or exceed your appearance specifications, and at exceptional value.

Top Coat