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X-Cel Industries features a modern, 14 stage computer controlled electro-coat process designed for large parts at high volumes with excellent quality and consistency. Continuous monitoring by trained technicians of each stage of the system assures that our customers' quality demands for corrosion resistance are met or exceeded. X-Cel is dedicated to its own exacting standards through the implementation of robust and effective preventative maintenance routines and schedules at every stage of the electro-coat process: from surface preparation, zinc-phosphate immersion and electro-coat treatment of the part through its final cure. Minimal handling assures that the high quality appearance is preserved and delivered to your facility. The flexibility of our system, dedication and craftsmanship allows us to offer the processing low-production runs, and even prototypes with the same high degree of quality and care.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction has led many of our clients to allow us to move their parts from our electro-coating section to our prime-top coating section where the commitment to quality continues and advances the "one-stop shopping" concept.